Winners pledge to give back to Barbados

Despite the challenges they endured while studying during the COVID-19 pandemic, the winners of the 2021 Barbados Fellowship and Exhibition are happy that their hard work and dedication has paid off and look forward to the future. radiant.

Even though some of them have already started their studies in higher education institutions at local, regional and international level, several of them indicated that at the end of their studies they intend to contribute to the development of Barbados.

On Friday, via a live broadcast, the Department of Education announced the names of six Barbados 2021 scholarship recipients – two from Harrison College (HC) and four from Queens College (QC) -, 36 winners of the exhibit and a recipient of the Barbados Community Award of Excellence. College (BCC).

HC’s Vinati Melawani, who is studying engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada, said she intends to help improve infrastructure in the Caribbean when she becomes a civil engineer.

Megan Best of QC said she was undecided about her career path and noted that she was taking time off from her studies at the moment. However, Best said that whatever path she chooses, she intends to contribute to the development of Barbados and the region.

Meladee Carter, who attended QC and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, said she intends to give back to Barbados through marketing counseling and d ” help entrepreneurs understand that their brand is not only their business but also how they present themselves to their target audiences.

Ella-Jean Evelyn, also from QC, is currently enrolled in the Mathematics program at the University of Waterloo, Canada, majoring in Actuarial Science. The scholar said she intended to work for a local insurance company or perhaps provide counseling services.

Researcher Khaleel Kothdiwala, who made his presence felt in the political arena from an early age, thanked the government for showing a commitment to education by providing scholarships despite difficult circumstances.

Kothdiwala, who congratulated all the winners, is studying law at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

“Regarding my particular passion in terms of being able to give back to Barbados, I think it’s important that we increase the level of public education regarding our legal system. Many of us are intimidated by the law and it is not necessary because it plays such a vital role in our lives, ”Kothdiwala said.

Exhibitionist Soumaya Callender, who attended HC, is currently studying at Cave Hill School of Medical Sciences. She said that as a doctor, she intended to improve the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of Barbadians and others, whether working in the public or private sector.

Exhibition winner and HC graduate Vienna Cozier, who is enrolled in the business program at the University of Toronto, Canada, said she would return to Barbados to set up her own business in a region that would contribute to the development of the country.

Christ Church Foundation School alumnus Gaziyah Bentham, who thanked everyone who pushed him towards academic success, said he hoped his achievement of reaching an exhibition in 2021 would be a source of encouragement for the students he left at Christ Church School. .

“Currently, I am on the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill campus pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Accounting. I wholeheartedly intend to contribute to the socio-economic well-being of Barbados, ”said Bentham.

Laureate of the Lodge School exhibit, Maya Graham said she was in the process of applying to two international universities where she intended to study sustainable agriculture.

“I hope this education will help me come back to Barbados and innovate more in the agricultural industry by hopefully trying to incorporate more sustainable techniques into our agriculture so that we can really attract more overseas business, ”Graham said.

Nekoda Ellis, one of five BCC graduates who won an exhibit, will attend the Cave Hill campus from January where he will pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Ellis said his ultimate goal was to become a theater therapist.

“Drama therapy, in short for those who are wondering, primarily uses theater techniques to allow people to express their feelings through role-playing, singing, dancing, acting, among others. And with my knowledge of therapy, I think this unconventional form of psychology will help a lot in diversifying psychology in Barbados and our exploration of mental health, ”Ellis said.

Kelly-Ann Skeete, who studied administration and office management in British Columbia, won the award for excellence. (Ah)

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