TIE 2022 brings together 10 leading semiconductor companies demonstrating their capacity for innovation and leading a new generation of domestically developed technologies on the global stage

TAIPEI, October 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) continues to be an annual flagship event for the tech industry. Official inauguration today (October 13), TIE 2022 brought together the fruits of the R&D efforts of notable domestic and overseas organizations. Among the three main exhibition pavilions, the Innovation Pilot Pavilion should be the center of attention.

The three main agencies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs – the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), the Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT) and the Small and Medium Enterprises Administration (SMEA) – as well as the National Development Council (NDC ), the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and other government entities came to the event to reveal the results of their research projects. In addition, 10 major Taiwanese semiconductor companies led by TSMC were invited to a special section of the exhibition center to demonstrate their ability as Taiwan “Silicon Shield.”

Semiconductor Zone showcases the latest trends in the development of key technologies and applications

For the first time, TIE brought together a group of 10 leading national semiconductor companies, including TSMC, UMC and ASE. The Semiconductor Zone, where they exhibit their latest technological innovations, was full of visitors. Some of the notable exhibits in this section include PSMC’s 3D inter-chip stacking method, Ardentec’s proprietary test process analysis system, and MPI’s intelligent PCB inspection. As Taiwan The third-largest foundry, PSMC offers 3D inter-chip stacking as a solution for making chips that can increase the performance of an AI system while consuming less power. Ardentec, which is known for its laser repair and IC testing services, features equipment that eliminates defects in automotive and security chips. As for probe board specialist MPI, its intelligent PCB inspection is an integrated system that monitors the manufacturing process of high-end products.

On October 14, a conference entitled “Presentation on trends in semiconductor applications” will be held on the main stage of the Pilot Pavilion of Innovation. Well-known domestic and foreign semiconductor companies such as Infineon, Siemens, Himax and MPI will be present at the conference to share their views on a wide range of industry-related topics. Attendees can expect to gain a better understanding of the semiconductor industry as it relates to technology development and applications.

5G and AIoT join forces to enable synergy between semiconductor and biotech industries

The pilot innovation pavilion showcases a diverse range of technologies that fall under seven main themes: Semiconductors, Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Living, Sustainability & Green Energy, Defense & Aerospace, and “Discover Tech Treasures” . A highlight belonging to the smart living category is a 5G AIoT smart display for cosmetic counters. Introduced by IDB and designed for smart retail, this equipment overcomes the limitations associated with traditional shelving and display cases. NDC also presents a flexible AMOLED video wall with a screen size of 110 inches, a weight of only 20 kilograms and a thickness of only 1 millimeter. Considered the first of its kind on the market, the video wall is made up of several display modules that are perfectly integrated.

Among the healthcare and drug-related exhibits, notable highlights include a next-generation ultrasound contrast agent for cancer and heart disease diagnosis and an ultra-sensitive semiconductor biosensor and analyzer. The contrast agent, which is promoted by the IDB at the event, complements an ultrasound system and also acts as a drug delivery enhancer. It can limit side effects and improve the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs. The semiconductor biosensor and analyzer, promoted by NDC, is the world’s first in terms of integrating biotechnology and semiconductors. It can detect the presence of coronavirus with a very small amount of sample.

Energy IoT Drives the Net-Zero Revolution and Accelerates the Localization of Manufacturing and the Growth of Domestic Industries

Demonstrate Taiwan Committed to the goal of sustainability and green energy, SMEA brought two items to the event: eKoEN lightweight energy management systems from eKoPro and solid recovered fuel from LongShun Green Energy Technology. With the arrival of energy IoT, the former is expected to be gradually adopted by enterprises to monitor energy consumption. As for the latter, it is a fuel made from plastic and textile waste.

For exposures related to smart manufacturing, DOIT provided an integrated Level 3 ADAS solution and Taiwan first integrated powertrain and chassis control unit. The former, which uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to detect road obstacles, is known to be a domestically developed total solution for active driving safety. Along with these highlights, MND also unveiled a power-enhanced exoskeleton system that helps soldiers handle ammo and heavy weapons.

In addition to these exhibitions, the Pilot Innovation Pavilion also hosts a series of conferences and forums. For example, on October 14, the IDB will organize the Innotech Forum and seminars on networking suppliers and buyers of zero-emission technologies. On the same day, DOIT will also host a conference on Strategic Partnerships for Technology Innovation.

TIE is a major global platform for showcasing the latest technologies. With the presence of the “Silicon Shield”, this year’s event further highlights that Taiwan not only has first-class innovation ability, but also a strong will to propel domestic R&D and bring its self-developed solutions to partners around the world.

Physical exhibition: Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center, October 13-15, 2022

Virtual exhibition: https://tie.twtm.com.tw, October 11-20, 2022

SOURCE Taiwan Innotech Fair

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