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The reason this Asgardr report was delayed stems mostly from CYL4 refinements, as Choose Your Legends unit refinements tend to be pretty meta-final. This year was no exception, as all four upgrades are relatively useful for the most part. In this section, we’ll provide a quick overview of the improvements and analyze how things have changed for these units.

Brave Edelgard

Prior to its refinement, Edelgard was still one of the most mobile armors with the added movement of Flower Hauteclere alongside a pseudo-acrobatic effect. This is useful because the usual mobility choice is Passive C, which is usually picked up by save skills. However, since Edelgard’s durability isn’t the best, it’s slowly being squeezed out of the meta, only seeing a slight resurgence due to the introduction of Stout Ax as it synergizes with the rule of l black eagle by providing first hit damage reduction. .

Flower Hauteclere continues to provide Edelgard with the extra movement and provides Edelgard with even more stats to work with. The stats can also be used in the Player Phase, meaning she is probably one of the most impactful backup units in the Player Phase while still retaining the ability to warp and provide savior support to his allies. Although the weapon provides healing on hit, it can be difficult for Edelgard to use Far Save due to Valentine’s Chrom prominence, which not using Svalinn Shield is most likely a death sentence.

In short, Brave Edelgard’s game plan remains the same for most game modes; she’s still a great Near Save unit in Aether Raids Offense, and in Summoner Duels she’s probably useful for a team that lacks mobility support like Bridal Catria and Ash, her best use probably being Svalinn Shield to protect against a unit Armor Effective such as Valentine’s Chrom, Brave Eirika, Valentine’s Chrom, Brave Chrom, and did I mention Valentine’s Chrom?

Brave Lysithea

Brave Lysithea has been criticized for her lack of self-configuration, as she struggles to find a way to activate her weapon’s HP condition herself. The developers tried to fix it by introducing Winter Bernadetta to do 1 damage, but instead of Brave Lysithea gaining prominence, it instead led to frequent use of HP manipulation in Aether Raids strategy. As a result, Brave Lysithea continued to be thrown into the corner and forgotten in mediocrity.

Luckily, with the refinement, they fixed the weapon’s main problem by dealing 1 damage chip every turn, regardless of its HP. This ensures that Lysithea will always be able to activate the weapon’s HP condition in the player phase. HP chip damage can also be used to manipulate HP values ​​similar to Winter Bernadetta, however, Lysithea only deals chip damage to herself each turn, while Bernadetta deals chip damage to all allies within two spaces if at 100% HP. This means that HP manipulation can be done much faster with Bernadetta than with Lysithea.

Brave Lysithea, while largely lost in the context of manipulation, more than makes up for it from the perspective of combat. She follows in Leif’s footsteps by having cooldown reduction as part of her refined weapon, and she gains the ability to have pseudo-acrobatics similar to Edelgard’s in addition to cooldown acceleration . This means that Lysithea can either activate a three cooldown special like Luna or guarantee a two cooldown special like Ruptured Sky and Moonbow outside of very specific circumstances (Guard + Tempo). This can be combined with Bridal Catria for four potential consecutive attacks, alongside potentially using Tempo to ensure Guard can’t stop his special activation.

The big elephant in the room, however, is the lack of DR piercing specials for mages, as these are either locked to bows (Deadeye) or daggers (Lethality). This means its damage can potentially be walled off by Hardy Fighter and Deflect Magic, which is unfortunately a very common combination frequently used in Aether Raids Defense and Summoner Duels. At least until then, Brave Lysithea will be a great nuke in Summoner Duels Survival where there’s only one Deflect Magic seal to go around.

Brave Dmitri

Brave Dimitri essentially became an amalgamation of Spring Maria and Askr. The difference between the three units being the distance requirement; Spring Maria doesn’t need allies to be near her, Askr has a two-space unit requirement, and Dimitri has a three-space unit requirement. This means Dimitri has an easier time moving forward to do damage in the player phase without losing his weapon effect, which increases his flexibility somewhat.

Also, since Brave Dimitri comes with Blue Lion Rule, it means he has both percentage DR and flat DR in his kit. This is an extremely powerful combination, as the DR percentage covers AoEs and damage multipliers such as Glimmer and Astra, while the flat DR ensures skills such as Lethality cannot cause high damage. to Dmitri. This means that Dimitri went from being a mediocre tank with low resolution to being an excellent tank, despite having low resolution, due to the lump damage reduction. It also helps Dimitri that there is no special DR piercing percentage for mages, which means his low resolve goes largely unpunished in the current state of the game.

Brave Dimitri is also excellent against the current state of melee nukes in the game due to the multiple DR types in his kit, with Legendary Nanna being checked by his flat DR, while Brave Seliph would likely struggle to pass. by his DR percentage with Blue Lion Rule. All of these factors make Dimitri a potentially very powerful frontline unit in Summoner Duels, with plenty of potential as a melee specialist due to lack of answers for the most part.

Dimitri is not infallible; his low resolve can sometimes show his ugly head as he is potentially unable to engage in multiple magical engagements in Summoner Duels. This is especially scary if there are dragons in the field, which are increasingly common due to their increased relative strength, and they also cannot be protected by Far Saves. Dimitri, however, goes from zero to hero in Aether Raids, as his shortcomings can be largely compensated with the help of ally support. Just make sure his allies are well hidden because unlike Far Saves, Dimitri will not provide his allies with protection from enemy fire.

Courage Claude

Brave Claude, quite simply, was absolutely dysfunctional before refinement. The combination of Fatal Smoke, general lack of durability, vulnerability to Guard, and ranged fliers being absolute dev pariahs didn’t help Brave Claude’s claim. Although the last point is still unfixed at the time of writing, the remaining three points are all somewhat fixed for the most part. Fatal Smoke no longer totally ruins Claude’s day with refinement, durability is somewhat fixed with additional stats as well as first hit damage reduction, and he’s getting a Tempo effect to ensure Claude can guarantee his specials .

Its only main caveat is the absence of guaranteed preventive follow-up; he received the wrong half of Null Follow-Up as he stops follow-up negations. Since Brave Claude isn’t known for his searing firepower, that means he probably still has to be careful with guaranteed follow-up attacks unless support is provided, like Fallen Lilith with his Null Follow-Up status. , or Hilda with her weapon. provide tracking negation for allies in two spaces.

There’s also the appeal of double attacks like Bridal Catria with her Triangle attack, but that’s probably an unfair comparison for most because apart from a small minority of rather dumb units like the aforementioned Brave Dimitri. , most units are likely to struggle anyway. In most cases, Brave Claude is likely to perform admirably, and this can be extended to the entire Astra season if you are a cheater and use Elimeme.

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