Talented Ugandan youth invited to watch football show in Spain

Uganda has been invited to Spain to participate in a football exhibition project for talented young footballers.

rapidly growing game management team; FestoWeb published this information on Saturday July 10, 2021.

This is a historic opportunity for talented young footballers from Uganda to attend a concert in Spain under the code name “Team Fundy”; “We are building bridges to create a flourishing and dignified youth reality. “

Herbert Ella Angora, one of the project supervisors

The Fundy team will play three professional games in 12 professional seasons at Secunda B.

All matches will be played at the municipal stadium, Guillermo Amore av Ciudad Deportivo and at the Benidorm Alicante stadium.

The bootcamp will be held in Spain to fund the Uganda Choice Group in Al Pas del Pi.

The show has looked a bit hazy in the last few episodes, with over 200 clubs in Spain and Europe.

The program also has international scouts and football mediators from 12 countries.

A panel of 22 players and 8 officials from all regions of Uganda were selected based on strict criteria in terms of age, eligibility and availability.

However, the show seemed a bit hazy in later episodes;Secure your future“.

Youth for Football International was officially launched on the 28th.The tenth November 2020 at the beautiful Elcon gallery in Tororo.

Captain Mike Mukula, Richard Dowang, the Honorable Fred Angora and the Honorable Emmanuel Tombaugh.

The program aims to develop youth football skills and connect their skills to professional football around the world.

Uganda benefits directly from the economic development of its citizens and remittances from soldiers.

FestoWeb Education and Sports Minister Janet Kata Museveni organized the event and provided invaluable advice and support.

FestoWeb Sports Management Coordinator Angora Ella Herbert and Official Business Partner GGFI Glassman Team Football International are the primary coordinators and we look forward to hosting this event as an annual showcase for the world’s top talent.

FestoWeb is expected to have the first talented players who will play in 5 major football leagues in Uganda over the next 3-5 years and qualify for the World Cup in terms of skill development and retention.

All of our players have been vaccinated against COVID 19. Thanks to the Department of Health and they should be on campus next week. Players who have not participated in CECAFA U 23 train individually. FestoWeb appreciates the cooperation with the Tourist Office, which is set up for individual clubs, FUFA, government and veterans if the project is well managed. “

Retired Ugandan goalkeeper Denis Onyango and Vipers forward Younes Sentamu will be role models for young players.

Reverend Frederic Angora and Solomon Hosea are overseeing the project on behalf of the Minister.

François Glassman, executive director of GGFI Glassman Group

An initiative in collaboration with Glassman Group Football International (GGFI).

Initially, GGFI operated in 12 European countries. It is about educating, nurturing, displaying, creating, representing and creating the beautiful game of football.

GGFI, its subsidiaries and brands are presented with success stories that have revolutionized sport and entertainment in the world of football for over 60 years.

IFSOE International Football School is one of its brands and is expected to open in Kampala, Uganda.

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