Lottery money will help tell the story of one of Nuneaton’s most important landmarks

National Lottery money will be used to help tell the story of one of Nuneaton’s most important landmarks.

The city has a lot to thank Nuneaton Abbey.

It once dominated the city skyline and dates back to 1155 and is said to have once hosted 93 nuns.

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It is thanks to the nuns who lived there who helped shape the name of the town – Nuneaton.

The convent was closed in 1539 and then fell into disrepair.

Its remains are now part of the magnificent St Marys Church and its history is remembered in local street names.

Some of the remains of the abbey at the church on Manor Court Road

It will now be the subject of a special collection organized by the Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery.

Museum staff managed to secure £ 23,325 from the National Arts Council Lottery.

This will be used to help tell the story of the abbey, bringing together the museum, St. Mary’s Church and the local community

As a first step, the project will see the collections of materials kept at the museum being documented, studied and photographed by the local population with the help of a specialized archaeologist.

Parts of the abbey remain in the church grounds

A medieval inspired event is planned, including storytelling, films, and will involve local schools, volunteers and students.

Eventually, there will be an exhibition at two sites – at the church and at the museum.

“Fascinating and unique”

Reacting to the success of the lottery offer, Councilor Kyle Evans, Civil Service Cabinet Member at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said: “This award is great news and another opportunity for the Museum and Art Gallery of continue to diversify its audience by taking a very creative approach to its projects.

“The history of Nuneaton and its Abbey is both fascinating and unique. It adds so much to an already rich history of the city and we can rejoice in this project which is both inspiring and enriching the lives of all members of the community who participate in it. ”

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