Local NDP has now nominated federal candidates in Sudbury and Nickel Belt

CUPE occupational health and safety specialist Andréane Chénier is appointed federally for Nickel Belt NDP on July 14; former LU teacher Nadia Verreli will present to Sudbury

The local NDP appears to be gearing up for a possible 2021 federal election, with candidates nominated from both Sudbury and Nickel Belt, and an endorsement of the candidates by the Sudbury & District Labor Council this week.

Former Laurentian University political science professor Nadia Verreli was elected federal candidate for the NDP by acclamation in Sudbury last month.

CUPE occupational health and safety specialist Andréane Chénier was also acclaimed in her candidacy for the NDP nomination in Nickel Belt on July 14. Party supporters met for the nomination via Zoom.

“I am extremely proud and grateful to have been chosen to represent the NDP members for Nickel Belt, and I look forward to making a strong voice heard in Ottawa,” she said.

If the news is to be believed, “it looks like everyone is already campaigning,” Chénier added.

“I focus on my neighbors, my family, my communities, and I’m just trying to figure out what they want, what they need and what I can do for them,” she said. mentionned.

Chénier, a mother of two who lives in Hanmer, said she plans to focus on issues such as equitable access to clean drinking water, high-speed internet, building relationships with people indigenous people, a living wage and affordable housing.

The Sudbury & District Labor Council endorsed Verreli and Chénier on July 15.

Union group president Jessica Montgomery was locked out by Care Partners in 2019. The labor dispute ended when the company decided to permanently cut dozens of jobs in Sudbury.

“I met the (Liberal) MPs for Nickel Belt and Sudbury after Care Partners pulled out of Sudbury and I asked them why, why didn’t you come forward for us? She said in a press release.

“Both responded by saying, ‘They would do better. The only ones who show up, the only ones who show up and fight for us are the NDP. “

The president of Steelworkers Local 6500, a union that is currently on strike against Vale, is also quoted in the press release.

Nick Larochelle has indicated that he intends to work closely with the two candidates.

“What is important to us is the support of the federal NDP,” he said. “We look forward to seeing Sudbury rep Nadia Verrelli and Nickel Belt rep Andréane Chénier working with us here in the Sudbury area.

Verrelli is one of the Laurentian professors whose positions have been eliminated due to the university’s ongoing insolvency restructuring.

“When the community began to organize to end the CCAA cuts and save artistic, French, Italian and Indigenous programming, it was the NDP that came forward,” she said in the communicated.

“I am still awaiting a response to my letter to the member for Sudbury. We are looking to tackle the big challenges of the future – reconciliation, national pharmacare, climate change – Canadians need help both locally and in Ottawa and Sudbury is not being heard.

Chénier reportedly said: “We know the value of union work here. We know this is the best way to keep work safe and healthy and to have good working conditions and good wages. That’s why an NDP government will defend the Rand formulas (a feature of Canadian labor law requiring workers covered by collective agreements to pay union dues), facilitate union membership and oppose legislation which would undermine the rights of workers to negotiate and strike.

“We’ve been through some dark times lately, but the NDP is committed to building a strong, skilled and knowledgeable workforce ready for the future. Send me to Ottawa. We are ready to lead.

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