Blind Date: Could a second date be scheduled for Compliance Officer Daisy and Applications Specialist Andy?

Marguerite, 22, says:

I moved to Perth earlier this year and have had some pretty strange dates since arriving here so I wrote to Blind Date after being persuaded by one of my work colleagues to acquire help.

We met in La Cholita. I’ve been there before and thought the venue would be the perfect place for a first date. I arrived fashionably late (five minutes) and found my poor date had already been there 30 minutes after mixing up the time.

Camera iconMarguerite at La Cholita. Credit: John Koh/western australia

We sat down and talked. In fact, we got along very well and we laughed a lot. Andy was really interesting and had a big smile. Everything was so cool and he was really easy going. He told me he had an IMBD profile because he was an extra on his friend’s movie which I thought was super funny. My friends and I looked for it after the date to confirm.

We finished dinner and fought over the 50 cents owed on the bill. Andy, being the true gentleman that he is, has paid.

We then went for a walk through Northbridge and the museum where there was an exhibit. We hung out there for a while, still chatting and staring at the projector. There were people trying to take serious photos in front of these sculptural chairs, so naturally I asked him to put one down for a laugh – and he did.

Andy had become a gentleman again and saved me from stepping in someone’s vomit. Of course, I returned the favor and stopped him from stepping in that same vomit on the way home. Who said chivalry was dead?

Unfortunately, I had work the next day and it was getting late so we said goodbye. I ended up driving Andy to his car because he had parked so far away in a panic as he drove in. We exchanged numbers and arranged another date when he returned from America.


Andy, 25, says:

I saw on PerthNow that Blind Date was looking for singles to participate, so I threw my hat in the ring.

For some reason I had in mind that the date was at 6 p.m., so I was calculating how long it would take to be on time and ended up rushing there, parking way far away and I basically ran to the venue only to then check my phone and realize the date was at 6:30. I was half an hour early. So, I caught my breath and went for a walk in Northbridge then I met Daisy at the right time.

I hadn’t realized that the place where we met was actually a tequila bar – I love tequila and she does too, so it was a great place for us. Funnily enough, we ended up playing it safe and just had a few margaritas instead and ordered a variety of dishes to share.

Andy at La Cholita.
Camera iconAndy at La Cholita. Credit: John Koh/western australia

I don’t think I was very nervous before. I think I felt more comfortable not knowing who I was meeting and not knowing how it was going to go – I know that sounds backwards.

The date went really well – we just got on well. She was really easy to talk to and fun. We talked about a whole variety of things; work, travel, what she does. Daisy loves farming – it was adorable, she couldn’t care less and I loved it. She recently moved here and continues to familiarize herself with Perth.

I would describe Daisy as curious, open-minded and eager to try new things.

After dinner we went for a walk around Northbridge and saw an art exhibit at the museum and finally called it a night. She took me back to where I parked because it was too far.

I was flying to America the next day but we arranged mini golf when I got back. Apparently she’s pretty good, so we’ll see.


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