At High Point Market | BDI enters the bedroom category in a major move – and it’s “STURDY ready”

BDI enters the bedroom category with Linq, a new six-piece collection.

AT HIGH POINT MARKET – Specialist in office furniture and home entertainment BDI unveiled a major new category at this week’s High Point Market: the bedroom.

“We asked ourselves, how do we grow?” said Dave Adams, BDI’s Chief Marketing Officer. “New offices are fine, but retailers will just trade in one of our old ones. So what’s the next step? Well, new categories.

The Linq collection, unveiled for the first time this week, is a six-piece bedroom set featuring two beds, two nightstands, a chest of drawers and a chest of drawers.

BDI’s bread and butter combines storage and technology, and the collection shows it. Hidden behind the beds are three electrical and USB outlets. There is also a storage area on top.

Bed frames and platforms can be raised and lowered by adjusting the height of the legs, allowing the height of the bed to be adjusted up to 6 inches. This was done to better adapt to different mattress thicknesses. Both beds are similar, with one being slightly thinner than the other. Physical features include hardwood and walnut veneer frames and beveled edges.

Two bedside tables – one 28-inch and one 22-inch – offer more power options and drawers that hold cords in place. Both can also be used as side tables.

But perhaps the most critical thing about the collection is that it’s STURDY compatible from the start. “We’ll be ahead of the game on that,” Adams said.

This is thanks to a locking system that does not allow more than one drawer to be opened at a time, per column.

The line comes from Vietnam and Turkey. Adams has yet to reveal specific pricing, but said the range will be on the high end and in line with BDI’s other offerings.

BDI aims to ship the line in May.

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