A woman peebles at an environmental exhibition for COP26

A PEEBLES woman was chosen to be part of a virtual exhibit created by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) ahead of COP26.

Lorna McNae, 40, is one of 45 contributors who wrote poems about their vision of a greener Scotland for the exhibition.

The virtual exhibit, named Great Scottish Canvas, features artwork, a poem by Alexander McCall Smith, and a book written by Jackie Kay.

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“I thought the Great Scottish Canvas was a really positive way of showing our own global leaders and delegates at COP26 that Scots are passionate about climate action and welcoming them to Scotland,” said Lorna, Head of communication for a company providing sustainable infrastructure in Africa.

“I was proud and surprised that my poem was chosen, I took a look at the gallery and there is a real variety of wonderful works of art and poetry on display from all ages and from all ages. all parts of Scotland which is great to be a part of. ”

The Great Scottish Canvas will also be presented at the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November.

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Lorna told the Border telegraph that it drew inspiration from the environmental efforts of other countries.

“I wanted to reflect my vision of a Scotland that has taken the necessary steps to create a better environment for people and the environment and that prioritizes peace – Costa Rica has disbanded its army and invested in energies renewables and rainforest restoration and I think this is a positive example of where Scotland could go with all of our natural assets, ”she said. “I hope the exhibit can give people hope that there are tangible steps we can take to protect not only Scotland but the world as a whole from the impact of current climate change and future and to care deeply about our land and each other. “

Lang Banks, Director of WWF Scotland, said: “We were blown away by the quality of the work sent to us, and also delighted that so many people want to be creative in sharing with us their hopes for a more just Scotland. and greener.

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“The strength of The Great Scottish Canvas is that it belongs to everyone – it is a platform for diverse voices from all over Scotland. It is a place where people who are not necessarily climate activists or engaged in political debates have the opportunity to share their own ideas and hopes for the future.

To view the exhibit, visit: www.wwf.org.uk/updates/great-scottish-canvas

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