A representative of the Chinese robotics company VisionNav presents the AGF automation solution

“Korea is one of the countries with the highest degree of production automation in the world. As an important production sector, intra-logistics plays an important role in smart workshops, ”said Vivian, Korean Market Sales Manager for VisionNav. “We believe that our driverless vehicle solutions can help Korean companies achieve intra-logistics automation and improve their competitiveness in the market. “

In the exhibition, VisionNav presents the AGF SLIM VNSL14 Series and Counterbalance Series VPN15 Driverless Forklifts, which are very well received by Korean visitors. Based on the robotic control system and the BrightEye system, AGFs can perform remote monitoring, automatically perform transport tasks and incoming and outgoing goods, without any human interruption. These are the values ​​that characterize VisionNav’s AGFs:

1. Improve the reliability and safety of material transit

Based on algorithms and AI technology, the AGF VisionNav driverless forklift can perform tasks automatically. The vehicle is equipped with a safety protection system to realize 360 ​​degree protection and ensure the safety of personnel, vehicles and goods on the spot.

2. Greatly improve storage capacity

The fork can be lifted up to 9.4 meters, which enables high storage and greatly increases the warehouse storage capacity and improves the utilization rate of warehouse space.

3. Achieve the digital management of warehousing

Based on BrightEye System, a warehouse monitoring system developed by VisionNav, it can detect warehouse availability and transmit the data to the system behind the scenes via cloud computing technology, to achieve the synchronization of updating of information and material flow. Warehouse staff can manage driverless forklifts and warehouses with simple clicks on the computer.

About VisionNav

VisionNav Robotics, a global provider of driverless industrial vehicles and logistics automation solutions, is committed to promoting flexibility and automation in logistics nodes with automated guided vehicles equipped with the technology. At present, VisionNav has developed 9 series of products including automatic forklifts and tractor trucks for various scenarios. He has completed 150 projects spanning different industries around the world.

SOURCE VisionNav

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