5 Car Gadgets Every Driver Should Invest In

As a self-respecting motorist, you will probably appreciate having everything you could possibly need to make your life on the road easier – including not only the “cool” luxury, but also those essentials for the worse that. could happen, like as an accident or a breakdown.

Basically what we’re saying is that the world of automotive gadgets is certainly not limited to more “sci-fi” or Bondesque stuff. We are talking about items at all kinds of prices that could be really useful, and even literally “lifeguards”.

What, then, are some of the fancy accessories and gadgets that we think you should you buy for the next time you get behind the wheel, if you don’t already have them?

USB charger

Let’s start our recap with something simple and affordable: a USB car charger. If your car unexpectedly comes to a stop in the middle of nowhere and you need to call someone else for help, you won’t want to look at your smartphone and find that you only have 1% left. battery life.

So why not plug your device into a simple charger instead – like this issue of Scosche – so that you can easily charge your devices while you are spending your day in the car?

A Full HD on-board camera

Never anyone for to be involved in an accident that could give rise to an insurance claim – or we certainly have hope no, but we all know that in the “real world” shunts do happen from time to time. And if you are caught in such a situation, you might be thankful that you installed a Full HD dash cam that can capture everything that happens with the level of detail you need.

Looking in the Currys online store, for example, we found this NEXTBASE offer. It incorporates a 140-degree wide-angle lens and even the ability to send an SOS to emergency services by communicating your exact location and relevant medical information, using the built-in GPS.

Having a dash cam can seriously help your crash case, but making sure your car is fully maintained and up to date is essential to avoid collisions. Terry, owner of the Advanced Service Center, which offers car maintenance in Grays, Essex, advises “having regular car service can make sure your car runs exactly as it should, almost exclusively reducing the risk of an accident due to driver’s fault or weather conditions.”


The world of satellite navigation systems can be confusing for those of you who don’t exactly do “technical conversations” (which most of you probably do – no worries, we’re the same. ). But it’s worth investing in a satellite navigation system, because even if you spend most of your driving time on familiar roads, you can never rule out the possibility of getting lost at some point.

All of the above is why we picked a fairly straightforward, yet well-sorted device for this category: the Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S. At the time of writing this blog post, it was available for under £ 100 on Amazon UK – and for that expense, you get a really easy-to-use system with a clear five-inch screen, but one that doesn’t distract you with unnecessary “frills”.

Cleaning gel

This one might sound a bit “weird”, but we prefer the word “shiny”. We refer to this TICARVE cleaning gel putty, which should cost you just ten cents if you buy it from Amazon. In return, you will receive a handy sized cleaning mud pot that is great for picking up random bits of dirt and dust from the “nooks and crannies” of a car interior.

Combine that sticky paste with a responsible vacuuming routine, and you’ll go a long way to ensure that your vehicle’s interior – encompassing all those delicate areas like the steering wheel, air conditioning vents, and the spaces between them. buttons – stays spotless.

Travel coffee maker

There can’t be too many of us who not feel the need for a caffeine boost every now and then, especially when we live extremely busy lives. Well, you don’t have to be in the office canteen or even at home to enjoy your favorite coffee, when you invest in a great travel coffee maker such as this Handpresso Handcoffee Auto 21000.

This device can be plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. You could sip a satisfying 800ml beverage in your car in just four minutes, with nothing more than this coffee maker, water, and a Senseo pod. And at the time of writing this article, it was available for just £ 89 on Amazon UK.

Equip just the five gadgets we’ve outlined above – not to mention the other awesome gadgets – and you’ll enjoy your time in your car even more in the months and years to come.

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